Fall Beauty Tips to Start Now

When transitioning your skin for the cooler weather it is important to start your transition now instead of waiting for the cooler temps to come. When the seasons change, so do your hormones which affect your skin. If your skin is sensitive or if irritation occurs easily all times of year, it is even more essential that you begin now. If you have dry skin in the summer like me, then your skin is prone to cracking and can feel like a reptile’s skin in the colder months. Transitioning now gives your skin less of a shock and seamless move into the frigid months when we should protect our skin the most.

Bella Opulence Fall Beauty Tips Blog Post

Fall Beauty Tips to Start Now

Use a heavier moisturizer
Switch from a water based lotion to an oil based moisturizer like Silk, especially at night. When the temps cool, the moisture goes out of the air leaving your skin prone to extreme dryness. Even with layers of clothing on, your skin can still dry out and become itchy under all of that fabric. An oil based moisturizer will keep you hydrated. You must use these on damp skin for maximum results.

Protect your cuticles. Try Silk on your hands after washing them for extra protection against cracked cuticles and dry brittle nails.

Protect your lips
Your face will come into contact with the cooler temps the most. Make sure you protect your lips from cracking, peeling, and aging by using a vitamin infused lip nourisher like Petal. This will smooth the lips and fill in those little lines that creep in. A lip nourisher is your first line of defense. Use it under your favorite fall color matte lipstick. You know the one. The one that dries your lips out completely, but the color looks so good on you and it lasts all day! Petal can give you that same look, and prevent your lips from drying out.

I know you hear me say this a lot, but exfoliation is the T R U T H! It will kill that dry flaky skin, circulate your blood which brings life and color back into your skin, and hydrate at the same time. The only change: cut back to exfoliating once a week (as opposed to 2-3 times in the summer). If your skin is cracked or irritated, skip the exfoliation until it heals. Sea Salt will burn. Don’t forget the moisturizer. You will need it! Have you tried Pearl yet? Routine winter-feed.

Add an extra 30 minutes to your sleep.
I just heard you scream *HA!*, but read on. Your skin regenerates at night so it’s important that it has the time it needs to turn over those new skin cells that protect you from dryness, aging, and that keep the skin glowing. An extra 30 minutes to an hour of deep restorative sleep will do the trick. 

Pamper Yourself with Beauty Masks 
One of my favorite things to do for fall and winter beauty are masks! Here are my favorite hair and face masks with ingredients that you can find right in the kitchen.

Hair Mask
1C of mayonnaise, 1 egg yolk, and ¼ C of olive or coconut oil is a great protein treatment and a protection barrier against heat from flat irons and blow dryers. I have seen this work on all hair types. Jut rinse with cold water or else you will cook the egg!

My Absolute Favorite Face Mask
¼ C flour, 2 Tsp turmeric and full fat whole milk. Pour in the milk 1 Tbsp at a time slowly and stir until you reach the consistency of pancake batter. Place on face and let dry. Remove with a washcloth that you don’t mind getting stained. You will have to wash your face afterward to remove all of the turmeric. This recipe makes a lot, but will last up to 2 weeks in the fridge. It gives your skin a nice glow and feels so soft after! Avoid you hairline and eyebrows but I definitely use it under eye. You will look instantly radiant and men flock to a woman who has a bit of a yellowish tint in her face.

How do you transition into fall beauty?

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