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How to Protect your Skin from Cancer and Pesticides

In recent years, more and more people worry about the effects the environment has on their skin. Harmful chemicals in the air such as car exhausts, pesticides, BPA, and even naturally occurring chemicals such as lead and mercury, have been identified as a leading cause of skin problems second only to lack of sleep. ( Pollution is the world’s biggest environmental health risk according to the World Health Organization. By 2050 70% of pollutants are said to be in the air of urban cities! This will drastically affect air quality that we breathe every minute of every day. What’s even worse, is there can even be environmental toxins in your safe haven and where you spend the most time: indoors.

When you skin comes in contact with these pollutants it can dry out, become sensitive, age prematurely, cause eczema, acne, contract cancer and endocrine (your hormones and immune system) disruptors, infertility and more! This not only affects your skin but your entire body. Reme…

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