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3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Sleep Your Way to Your Best Skin Ever

Last week we learned that our bodies do a few thousand things while we sleep. Among these, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) provides serious skin benefits that fight lines, wrinkles, and oxidation of free radicals that can lead to the aging of our skin. If your skin does all of the work while you sleep, why do you still have acne, blemishes, dull, dry skin... why are you still showing signs of aging? That's a new wrinkle! Perhaps you haven't fully sipped from sleep's fountain of youth. There are a few things you should do at night before bed to maximize this powerful time for your skin that will produce immediate results. 

But First...  If you have not had at least 4 hours of deep sleep each night for an extended period of time you can expect dull lifeless skin that tends to age quicker because it does not have the adequate time it needs to rebuild the collagen in skin or produce new skin cells. Note: lack of sleep also affects your health and dismantles your ability to ward off …

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