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The Perfect Cooldown for your Skin. Mind. Body.

Winter is coming and do you know what that means? Peppermint Everything! Peppermint latte, lip balm, peppermint limited edition body wash in stores, candy canes, peppermint bark, you name it. Peppermint is to winter what Pumpkin is to Fall! But besides being a fun winter flavor, peppermint has healing properties that date back to ancient times and that can heal your skin, mind, and body.

Peppermint is invigorating with a cooling sensation. It is a natural antiseptic which cleanses the skin to reduce pimple size and relieve the symptoms of acne. It is anti-pruritic (anti-itch) which is soothing to eczema and irritated skin. While great for the body, it also soothes the respiratory tract and relieves congestion activating with your shower steam turning your ordinary shower into a healing stream.

Cools down on contact! Great for after a workout, heavy activity, or hot flashes. Private summers are real. Try Fresh Mint Pearl for the ultimate shower cool down. Eliminates dry flaky s…

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