The Effects of Stress on Your Skin: The Solution

“Rain only matters when there is a seed in the ground”. 

Get to the Root of the Cause; Heal from the Inside Out. 
Last week you graciously allowed me to share my very vulnerable journey of my battle with stress over the last year and what it has done to my skin. I also found that some of my clients share the same issues with stress induced acne/ blemishes/ body acne. This week I have some solutions that have worked for me and some are inspiration from others. 

All of these solutions are holistic and will keep your skin/mind/ and body happy and healthy naturally. There is no point to treat or conceal your acne and the other effects of stress without addressing the root cause as well. If you become stressed again, they symptoms will only appear again. Let’s attack the built up stress instead and the lifeless skin and acne will melt away. Below are ways to attack stress and the effects of it. 

The Effects of Stress on Skin: The Solution

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to release stress from the mind and body and can work better than medication. Just one whiff can change your brain chemistry and shift your mood. When applied topically* they can even have beautifying properties. The best essential oils to lift your mood and center you back into peace can be found here. Of course, don’t forget Lavender. These oils can be used in a diffuser, applied topically, and/ or found in your products. Read the labels and look for your favorites that are scented with essential oils. 

The Effects of Stress on Skin: The Solution

Meditate/ Pray/ Breathe Deeply

In the Busy Mom’s Skincare Guide to Back to School post, I talked about how important it is to take an hour for yourself each day. An hour may seem like a lot, but your sanity and your skin depend on it! Remember this is NOT being selfish. When you are a basket case you cannot give those you love and your work the best version of you. A smile can only hide so much. 

Even if you have to break “me time” up into 30 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes at night, this practice of taking some time for yourself will bring you back into focus on what you really want and what you are thankful for. When you know what you want, you remember that this stress is only for a moment and will soon pass. 

The Effects of Stress on Skin: The Solution

Remember Your Dreams, Goals, and Objectives

It is so important to set goals! Short term, long term, or even daily tasks are pertinent because it gives you an insight into where you are going. When plans do not go as expected, we tend to focus on the isolated incident of temporary defeat instead of keeping our eye on the bigger picture; the goal. It is dangerous to go through life without goals. How do you know where you are going or what you want out of life if you have never set a goal or objective? 

The Effects of Stress on Skin: The Solution

You Are in Control
Stress only lasts as long as you permit it to. Do not remain negative and wallow in your sorrow. This will only magnify your stressful situation. Remember to eat clean and drink plenty of water. You brain needs water for function properly. Change your environment if need be. Is what you are currently doing getting you closer to what you want or is it moving you further away from it? This is your world, take charge of it! 

What do you do to naturally manage your stress?

* do not apply full strength undiluted essential oils directly to skin. They are super concentrated and can cause burns. Always use a carrier oil such as coconut oil or look for products that are scented with essential oils.

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