We Were On Good Morning Washington!

This Past Wednesday, April 19 Bella Opulence's Lemon Poppy Pearl Softening Skin Polisher had a fantastic feature on WJLA's Good Morning Washington! The segment was 7 Green Products to Clean Up Your Beauty Routine. For Earth Month WJLA (ABC’s local station for Washington DC and surrounding areas) showed you ways to protect the environment and yourselves. They mentioned that the benefits of going green included reduced exposure to harmful chemicals through your skin with the products you use. Watch the Segment Here.  We come in at 3:33. 
Bella Opulence's Good Morning Washington Segment

Lemon Poppy Pearl had the best introduction. "Ok, so this is really great" Kimberly said after Julie asked what the next product was.  She opens it up and gives it a whiff.  "Oh wow that's refreshing" Julie says with a pleasant sigh. She was captivated by the light scent of lemon and the sweetness of coconut oil. "This will leave your body silky smooth". Kimberly from Marjani Beauty truthfully mentions.  
Bella Opulence's Good Morning Washington Segment
Watch the Segment Here.  
  The residual infused coconut oil that remains after you rinse off the sea salt locks in that moisture and leaves your body “so silky smooth". Beautiful! And then Julie picks Pearl up one last time before moving onto the next product and says "MMM THAT SMELLS SOOO GOOD!"
Bella Opulence's Good Morning Washington Segment
Watch the Segment Here.  
 Lemon Poppy Pearl (Best Seller of the Pearl Family)
Infused with Chamomile and Calendula Oil for Smooth Glowing Skin

How to Use
Massage a generous amount onto clean, damp skin. Rub in circular motions, concentrating more heavily on dry areas. Rinse clean and pat skin dry. For best results, lock in moisture with Silk.

  • Sea salt and poppy seeds gently exfoliate 
  • Sea salt detoxifies skin pulling out dirt, oil and impurities shrinking your pore size
  • A gentle blend of textures of sea salt so scrub will last, does not dissolve instantly
  • Removes dead skin
  • Residual infused coconut oil leaves skin soft and hydrated
  • Opens stubborn ingrown hairs
  • Preps skin for shaving
  • Coloring and scents 100% natural
  • Scented lemon essential oil 
Watch the Segment Here. 

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