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Welcome to the Bella Cognizant Blog! This is the official blog of Bella Opulence Luxury Floral Infused Bath and Body. I am Allison the Founder, and I am pleased to present to you pure, luxurious and completely clean products. 

At the dawn of the natural revolution in 2012, I began researching natural ingredients and formulating natural products. I can't believe I began this journey 5 years ago!  At this time I had an epiphany that led to a shift. One day as I sat in the passenger seat of my sister's car I read an article that changed me forever. It was about the pesticides sprayed on our vegetables and the hormones given to the animals that we eat as meat.  I was so scared. I told my sister I was not eating anymore. I would just live like a nomad and drink water. That's all I needed right? No problem. After I returned from my extremist point of view, I realized a change had to be made. I began eating clean and reading the labels of everything that I ate. If it did not reveal nutrition facts or a complete list of ingredients, I did not eat it. I gladly gave Whole Foods my dollars to ensure my groceries were not compromising my health. But what about my skin? I realized it was the largest organ in my body and that the products I used harmed my skin instead of protecting it. 

There were already so many ailments running through my immediate family of 4 from eczema to sensitive skin to allergies and rashes, you name it! We are taught to believe that  some of these ailments are "hereditary". I realized that it is hereditary through our habits and not our gene pool. Through my research I learned and understood that the synthetic ingredients we apply to our skin contribute to these ailments and some can even be carcinogens! I was determined to break the generational cycle by transforming my entire lifestyle to organic clean living. 

Though the years as the world became more health conscious, natural products launched by the hundreds and I was thrilled! This completed my journey to being completely clean! But then I was quickly disappointed. Natural products were… blah. Very earthy and plain. Some even had a stench! Others that I gravitated toward were not fully clean. They had one or two natural ingredients, and the rest of the ingredients were synthetic. The list goes on. Frustrated by the innumerable compromises, I set out to create beauty products that were pure, luxurious, and completely clean. In 2016, 4 years and countless formulations later, Bella Opulence was born. I am pleased to offer you products that through floral infusions,  do not compromise your clean lifestyles in any way. I look forward to our healthy journey together through clean organic beauty. 

❤  Allison

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